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“I am running for Sheriff of Richmond because the failures and ineffective management over the last seven years have put the safety of our community at risk and have undermined the integrity of The Richmond Sheriff’s Office.

As a public servant and community leader I understand the importance of public safety, fair administration, and effective leadership. I pledge to maintain the trust of the citizens of Richmond by bringing high standards and integrity to the Sheriff’s Office. I believe that Richmond deserves excellence in the administration and management of our jail.


I ask for your support and vote
on November 5, 2013.”

Antionette Irving possesses the leadership, work ethic, and vision to change the Sheriff’s Office in Richmond. She believes in raising the standards of the Richmond Sheriff’s Office,"because Richmond deserves the highest quality of administration and management. Richmond deserves efficient leadership in our jail. Richmond deserves excellence!” Over the course of 24 years of experience from a career in corrections, Antionette Irving has been a successful leader garnering numerous promotions and commendations for her leadership. She has assisted in the administration of the jail’s implementation of multi-million dollar budgets and has supervised several hundred staff members. It's through this experience that she will seek to bring a new “culture of excellence” to the Sheriff’s Office by improving the security and care within the jail, creating an environment of professionalism, creating a transparent hiring and promotion process (to end nepotism and costly lawsuits) and develop innovative correctional programs and alternatives to incarceration.

The issues:

 Lack of basic inmate care
and services

 Lack of concern for
basic life, health and safety

 Bias hiring and
promotional practices

 Lack of quality staff training

The solution: Irving

 Leadership you can count on

 Dependable, dedicated, decisive

 Experienced, qualified, fair 

 Measurable standards of excellence

 Building a solid foundation to make

a difference in the lives of others


November  5

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